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A toggle is a switch that allows you to control the function of an object by turning it on and off. It is often found in everyday technology such as smartphones, where it is used to enable or disable WiFi and Bluetooth. It is also used in software applications to enable or disable features.

In continuous development, feature toggles allow product teams to experiment with new functionality with a small segment of users before rolling it out to all users. This helps minimize the risk that a new feature will be rolled out with bugs or inefficiencies. Additionally, by placing a new feature behind a toggle, it can be easily turned off when the team notices an issue and removed before it causes further damage.

Visibility toggles allow owners of a world to hide certain sections or content from viewers of their site. This includes prompt links, article vignettes, key/value items, maps, image galleries, quotes, and diplomacy relations. There are some technical limitations to this feature such as hiding content within a section that contains a mention link or other dynamic content that may load later.

Toggles are also used to temporarily disable non-essential features in an application during periods of high latency. This prevents the application from crashing or slowing down, which is especially important for user satisfaction during critical events such as major sporting events or a presidential election. Toggles are also a common way for developers to implement responsive design by providing different themes in their apps.