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Poker is a card game that requires both luck and skill to win. The game is played in rounds, with each round having a fixed number of cards dealt to each player. During each round, players place forced bets into the pot (a shared pool of money) to raise the possibility of having a winning hand. Over time, the best player wins all of the money placed into the pot by the other players in that round.

During the first betting phase, each player receives 2 cards that are hidden from other players (these cards are called that player’s hole or pocket). Once these bets are made, 3 community cards are revealed in the center of the table and a new betting phase begins with the player on the left of the dealer.

Each player has the option to call (match the current bet amount) or raise (put in more money than the previous player). Players can also fold, which gives up their chance of winning that round.

Poker involves reading the other players’ faces and body language, known as tells. These unconscious habits can reveal information about a player’s hand, and they include things such as facial expressions, posture, and gestures. A good poker player is able to spot these tells and exploit them to their advantage. In addition, poker requires knowledge of the rules of the game and a grasp of strategy, which can be learned from books such as David Sklansky’s The Theory of Poker.