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The Basics of Poker How to Use Toggle Properly


The Toggle element is a powerful way to show and hide content on your pages. It has advanced options to adjust positioning, responsiveness, animation & delay for individual toggle items as well as overall element options for advanced configuration.

Using toggles on mobile devices is ideal because they take up less screen space than two radio buttons and enforce a mutually exclusive state, either ON or OFF. They are also the preferred control for changing system settings (i.e. states of system functionalities) because they allow users to press a button to turn on a feature and then again to turn it off.

Toggles are a form of feature flag that allow teams to make changes at runtime without having to restart an application, change a codebase version or redeploy. However, once a team has accumulated a large number of toggles it becomes a challenge to manage them and ensure that only the most valuable ones are active. Savvy teams treat their Feature Toggle inventory like any other inventory and are proactive about removing toggles as they become obsolete.

Toggle is a startup that develops software and hardware that enables construction companies to automate the process of creating rebar designs. The company’s software converts construction drawings into automated robotic manufacturing programs and increases safety, productivity and precision in the rebar production process, according to its website. Following a Series A round, the company has plans to open a new 50,000-square-foot production facility and grow its 40-person workforce.