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A toggle is a switch that can be pressed on or off to alter a function. It’s the same concept as the Caps Lock or Num Lock keys on a keyboard, or the option menus found in most software programs. The word can also be used to describe switching back and forth sbobet88 between settings or programs: “I like to toggle between a spreadsheet and the browser when I’m working.”

Toggle switches should clearly communicate their current state to users. This can be done by ensuring that the labels are direct and consistent, avoiding vague language such as “on/off.” Toggle switches should be visually consistent with their current state; they look similar to sliders and utilize visual cues to avoid confusion.

Using Toggles as a Way to Revoke Permissions

Toggles are great for changing user behavior without having to roll out a whole new version of an app or website. Toggle switches can be as short-lived as a Canary Release or they can remain in place for a longer period of time, depending on their product and audience focus.

Toggle switches are often confusing for users, especially if the color used is not chosen carefully. For example, many designers use green as the “on” button, but some users have red/green color blindness, making this choice inaccessible to them. This is a common issue with toggles, so make sure the toggles you use are clear and accessible.