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Learn the Basics of Poker What Is a Toggle?


Toggle is a term for switching back and forth between two different settings, programs or other functions. The word can also be used to describe a physical switch, such as the toggle that turns the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys on or off on a keyboard. The word is also data hk commonly used in software and UI design to refer to the process of using an interface element to update a value that determines how a particular feature is configured.

When it comes to Feature Toggles, the best practice is to use them sparingly. They are very useful when a user interaction needs to change multiple settings at once, but should be applied only in cases where the effect is immediate and no other input is required. Otherwise, radio buttons or checkboxes are usually a better option.

Savvy teams treat Feature Toggles as inventory that comes with a carrying cost and strive to keep their inventories low. In order to do this, teams will often add a task on the backlog to remove a toggle when it is no longer needed. Some teams even put in “expiration dates” to ensure that they are always proactive about removing old toggles.

Because toggle buttons don’t contain the text “on/off”, users must rely on other visual cues to determine their state. For example, the color of a toggle can help communicate its active state. However, some colors perform worse than others when it comes to this task. To improve usability, designers should aim for a clearer distinction between active and inactive states by using more pronounced or saturated colors.