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The key to successful toggle use is to make sure that the label clearly explains what the toggle will do when it is pressed, and that the toggle is placed before any related content (such as a description of the functionality or an explanation of why a setting must be on). It can also help to ensure that a toggle switch looks like sliders and uses visual cues to differentiate itself from other content in the page.

Savvy teams view Feature Toggles as inventory that comes with a carrying cost, and they seek to minimize this by actively monitoring and removing toggles that are no longer in use. Some teams have a policy of adding a task to their backlog every time a new toggle is added; others put “expiration dates” on their toggles which will cause an automated test to fail or refuse to start a release if the toggle has not been removed by its deadline.

It’s also worth noting that the toggling decision for a Release Toggle is typically very static, and it will be hard or impossible to change the toggle configuration in any future releases. Because of this, it’s less critical to perform regression testing against a Release Toggle than it is for some other types of Feature Flags.