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A narrow opening, hole, or groove, especially one for receiving something such as a coin or letter. Also: a berth or position on an aircraft, ship, or train; an appointment, assignment, or job opening.

Forces of morality and the clergy, and later laws, frequently opposed the operation of slot machines. Eventually the machines were removed from saloons and dance halls. Attempts to cheat slot machines were widespread, including the use of false coin heads. Some were as simple as a rounded piece of metal with no design, while others resembled the real thing. Fortunately for casino owners, manufacturers quickly designed more secure coin acceptance devices that stopped these attempts.

In a video game, a slot is a position on the reels that fits 3-5 symbols. When symbols line up in a payline from left to right, a player wins. When a winning combination occurs, the slot makes a loud sound and displays an indicator that tells the player that they won.

When working with a team, it can be helpful to prioritize tasks and allocate time slots for their completion. This can increase productivity and help teams meet important deadlines. It can also improve efficiency by allowing teams to focus on the most critical work first. The slot receiver can stretch the defense because he has the ability to go inside or outside, unlike a boundary cornerback who can only cover outside coverage. This has caused offenses to increase their use of playmakers in the slot position.