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Togle is a simple user-interface component that can make a big impact on the overall experience of an app or site. When implemented correctly, toggles help users update preferences, settings and other types of information easily and quickly.


A toggle is a switch with two states, on and off. They are commonly used in settings and preferences because they allow users to select between pre-defined options without a complex setup process.

Labels are an important aspect of a toggle switch, making it easy for users to know what state the toggle is currently in and what option it controls. Labels should be direct and short, and use a standard visual design.

Colors are also important for toggle switches; they should be contrast-rich to convey the difference between the two states. However, when designers use low-contrast colors, it can be difficult for users to recognize the state of a toggle and may result in confusion.

Toggle Configuration

When managing toggle configuration many teams have moved away from static files and instead use a centralized feature flag system to store configuration in an application database, usually accompanied by an admin UI that allows users to view and edit feature flags and their toggle configuration.

Release Toggles

A Release Toggle is a transitionary type of toggle that should only be introduced in the course of a new release, and should not stick around much longer than a week or two. It is common for teams to add a task on the backlog to remove a Release Toggle once it is no longer needed, often with an “expiration date” as an alert that the toggle is now outdated and will need to be removed from the release.