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Originally, a toggle was a tiny piece of wood or plastic that was fastened to a loop. It was then pushed through the loop to fasten it.

Today, toggle is also used in technology to describe a switch. It is an easy way to switch between settings or software. In the computer world, it is usually a button that turns on or off a function.

In the world of buttons, toggle has a lot of meaning. For example, it is a key that turns on the Caps Lock function. It can also be used for video chat.

Another popular example is a button that allows gamers to broadcast from their computers. Twitch is a popular video platform that allows gamers to communicate with other fans from anywhere.

In software, toggle is a switch with two stable states. It should be labeled in such a way that it changes position when you switch states. It should also utilize visual cues such as colors and fonts.

A toggle can be found in the options list or preferences list. A toggle switch should be similar to a slider. It should have direct labels and a standard visual design. It should also deliver instant results.

A toggle is also a simple way to switch between software or hardware. It is not recommended to use a toggle unless you need to decide between two opposing states. It is important to choose a toggle that is easy to distinguish from other options.