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A togle is a word that has a few meanings that vary according to the context. Its first use was as a fastener in the 18th century. Today, toggling is most commonly used to describe an object that can toggle between two states, such as up and down. There is also a figurative meaning associated with toggling, as the word can refer to a switch that toggles on and off.

The word “togle” is not an official English language term. It is a relatively rare verb and noun and carries different connotations. However, when used in a sentence, the verb is considered a proper noun. For example, “to toggle” may refer to an item that can be toggled from a list to its edit point or CV display. This type of command is NOT editable and does not have an undo option.

Toggling can also refer to a key on a keyboard. For example, the Caps Lock key toggles on or off a feature. On the other hand, software toggles are used in the settings menu of an application. The goal is to enable the user to toggle between two settings, or to toggle between several menu options. Toggling is often used in software applications, but it is also useful in foreign language learning. If you’re trying to switch between two settings, toggling is a convenient way to toggle between them.