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Toggle is an important user interface element that allows users to update preferences and settings. When used correctly, toggles help increase user satisfaction, and provide clear results that are easy to understand.

Toggles are a good choice for many types of user interfaces. They are often used for controls that let a user select one option from two opposing ones. Toggle switches can be found in everyday technology devices, like laptops and smartphones, as well as in software applications.

When using toggles, it is important to create clear labels that indicate what the toggle switch will do when pressed, as well as what state the toggle is in right now. They should be short and direct, with no more than a few words. In some cases, a simple icon may be sufficient. For example, a toggle switch for “No cookies” might simply use an icon of a cross with no cross on it.

Additionally, it is important to consider WCAG guidelines when designing toggles. For example, it is not recommended to use colors for toggle states that rely on proximity to convey meaning. This can be confusing to users who are not familiar with the concept of toggles, or who may have different societal and cultural perspectives on what color means.

Lastly, feature toggles are an excellent way to allow product teams to experiment with new functionality before it is fully rolled out to all users. They can be used to perform multivariate testing and A/B tests, where each user is assigned to a cohort that is sent down either a test or control codepath.