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A toggle is a piece of software or hardware that switches between two different options. A common example of a toggle is the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys on a keyboard that turn on or off a function when pressed. In terms of software, toggles are also used in options menus and to set preferences.

While the Feature Flags team considers toggles to be a useful control, we want to make sure that they are used correctly and only when needed. For example, using a toggle to download content should only be done if it can be turned off and on again and doesn’t have any other impact on the user experience. This type of use is a common misuse of toggles and can mislead users.

Similarly, it’s important to avoid using toggles to control things like the default settings for features that aren’t ready for prime time. In these situations we recommend using a radio button or checkbox instead of a toggle.

When designing a toggle, it’s important to choose an appropriate color to show the active state and a secondary visual cue to indicate the status of the toggle. Our research has shown that colors with high contrast are best for conveying the status of a toggle. Additionally, we have found that it’s helpful to include a text state descriptor on the toggle in order to clarify its state. Finally, it is important to evaluate societal and cultural implications when choosing colors for toggle buttons.