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A toggle is a switch that lets people choose between two opposing values—like on and off. It uses a different appearance to indicate each state. It’s a good choice when you need to let people manage the state of content or a view. It’s not right for choosing from a list of items, which is better suited for other types of controls, such as radio buttons or checkboxes.

When designing a toggle, the first consideration is how to indicate its state. It’s important to pick a visual cue that is easy to read and understand. This can be a difficult task because there are many factors to consider. For example, relying on color can create problems with contrast and cultural context. In addition, a toggle with text may be difficult to understand because users must read it, which slows them down.

Another challenge is the location of a toggle’s label. It should be close to the toggle, so that it’s easy to read and avoids confusion with other controls that are in the same area of the interface. This includes other toggles, such as the ones that display ratings and reviews.

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