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Learn the Basics of Poker What Is a Toggle?

1. A pin passed transversely through a loop in a rope, chain, or strap to fasten it temporarily: “the toggles in his shoes prevented him from slipping.” 2. A button that alternates between two settings or modes of operation on a computer: “I used the keyboard’s caps lock toggle to enable and disable airplane mode.”

3. A switch that requires only one press to change state: “If I toggle off my phone, I can easily listen to music without disturbing other users.”

4. To toggle is also a verb that means to shift back and forth between two positions: “She was toggling between her French and Spanish homework.”

Toggles help users update preferences, settings, and other types of information. They are particularly well-suited for updating multiple options that have mutually exclusive states — like turning on or off an airplane mode, for example. They also have the advantage of requiring less screen real estate than radio buttons or checkboxes.

However, it is important to keep in mind that toggles are not as accessible as other forms of user input. Specifically, they rely on color to convey meaning and can be confusing for users who experience low vision or have cognitive issues. For these reasons, we should consider alternatives to toggles wherever possible, especially when adjusting settings or updating user information.