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Toggle is a user interface element that helps people manage the state of content or a view. Toggle switches are typically shaped like a button, use an icon to communicate their purpose, and change their appearance based on their current state. Toggle switches can help data sgp hari ini people update preferences, settings, and other types of information. When designing toggles, ensure that the surrounding context clearly communicates what the toggle affects and evaluate the societal and cultural implications of your choice of color for signaling switch states.

Toggles are useful to support newer agile development models, as they can be used to hide features until they’re ready for release, market testing, or whatever stage of the development process comes next. These are the kinds of features that might traditionally be written on a code branch before being integrated back into trunk code, but with toggles, you can deploy those features as soon as they’re ready to be released without needing to re-work the larger software base.

Toggle configuration is often managed via static files, but this can become a cumbersome practice at scale. For this reason, many organizations opt to move toggle configuration into some sort of centralized store, such as an existing application DB or a feature management platform. This allows team members to modify toggles quickly and easily, while still keeping a history of previous releases. Additionally, it becomes much easier to audit and track toggle states in a central repository, making it easy for teams to perform gradual rollouts or experiment with new features with confidence.