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Togle is a simple tool that helps teams manage their Feature Toggles.

A toggle is a switch that allows users to change between two states (usually on or off). Toggle switches are a common feature in most systems and applications, as they provide an easy way to update settings or preferences.

The simplest toggle is a button, but there are several other types as well. Generally, toggles are best used when the user must choose between two opposite states.

Good Labels

Toggle labels should be clear and describe what the control will do when the switch is ON. They should also be short and direct, with a limited number of words.

Visual Design

Toggles should look like sliders, and they should be marked with color to signal state change. Use colors that are high in contrast and that convey a message that is both obvious and culturally relevant to your audience.

Don’t use a toggle if you need the user to click a button or enter a specific value. For example, if you need a form field to require the user to click Save or Confirm, then you’d want to use a checkbox instead.

Experiment Toggle

If you need to run multivariate tests on the system or make data-driven optimizations to the system then you can use an Experiment Toggle. These toggles allow you to send a set of users down a different codepath based on which cohort they are placed in.