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What Is a Toggle? What Is a Slot?


Togle is a digital insurance company that provides a variety of coverage options for renters and auto insurance. Its rates are higher than competitors’, but it offers a few perks that make its premiums worth the extra cost.

Toggle’s renters insurance policies are completely customizable. You can add endorsements like additional living expenses, pet coverage and identity protection. Toggle also offers commercial coverage for your side hustles, which can be hard to find elsewhere.

The basic policy includes $10,000 in personal property protection and $100,000 in liability coverage. It also covers theft, vandalism and water damage. But it’s only available in a few states.

Coverage tiers aren’t comparable to other insurers, and rates can rapidly inflate if you want more than basic coverage. We compared Toggle’s monthly rates to those of Lemonade and State Farm.

In our sample policy, the barebones plan included the basics and an option to add all of Toggle’s endorsements for $9 per month. That price climbed as we added more, including commercial coverage and an extra layer of identity protection.

Unlike other insurers, Toggle allows you to customize your policy by adding or removing coverage. That can help you get more coverage for your belongings, but it’s not as easy to change as it is with other providers.

Toggle labels should include the binary action of the toggle, such as on or off. The label text should not be neutral or ambiguous, and it must be clearly written. In addition, a state descriptor can be used to make it clear which state the toggle is in.