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Togle is an acronym for “Toggle On or Off.”

In computing, a toggle is a switch that has two possible states, either on or off. It’s a common control used for changing the settings or preferences of devices and applications, such as Airplane Mode on iOS or the Caps Lock key on a keyboard.

Toggle is a versatile and intuitive control that’s suitable for many types of tasks. Toggles are especially useful in mobile applications where they can take less screen estate than a pair of radio buttons.

It is important to understand how to implement a toggle properly. A good toggle should provide direct labels, use standard visual design, and deliver immediate results to users.

A toggle should look like a slider, and its position should change when a user changes the state of the control. This provides a consistent experience for the user and ensures that the state of the toggle is obvious to everyone who interacts with it.

Toggles should not require the user to click Save or Confirm in order to apply a new state. This is because it can cause a delay and may result in an error in the event that the system takes longer to process the state change than the time it took the user to click Save or Confirm.

Fortunately there are plenty of tools that can help you make a toggle more visible and easy to use. These include triggers, UI elements, and code.