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Togle is a term used in software to describe a switch that has only two possible states, on and off. Toggles can be found in almost every aspect of computer technology where you can turn on or off something by pressing a button or key.

Using Toggle Configuration

The simplest way to manage toggle configuration is through static files in a file system, and this approach is often preferred. However, once you reach a certain scale it can become cumbersome to make changes consistently across a large fleet of servers.

Managing Toggle Configuration

One option for managing toggle configuration is to use some form of runtime override. In this case the toggle is re-configured in real time as part of an automated test, or as part of manual exploratory testing and debugging.

This can be a very helpful tool, especially for Ops Toggles where it’s important to be able to flip the toggle quickly. It’s also useful for teams who need to implement a more dynamic approach to toggle configuration.

Using Toggle Labels

It’s important to use standard visual design when creating toggle labels. This means using a color to signal state change, or providing direct labels that describe what the control will do when it’s on or off.

Choosing the Right Colors for Toggles

When choosing colors to signal toggle state it’s important to keep in mind contrast and cultural differences. For example, a red toggle is often counterintuitive to users who associate red with stop signs or stop lights.