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Togle is a time tracking software that tracks your team’s work in one place and lets you know exactly how much billable time you have. The tool makes it easy for teams to track their billable hours in real time, so they can get paid for every hour of work they complete.

Toggle’s auto insurance policies are pricier than competitors, but you can add perks like rideshare benefits or coverage for a home-based business that’s not available from other insurers. The company’s rates are also higher for barebones renters insurance, and the price can climb quickly as you add more coverage.

Renters insurance

Toggle doesn’t offer SR-22 car insurance, but its coverage is still worth the extra cost for people who need specialty coverage and don’t want to pay more than they have to. The company also offers temporary ride coverage, which covers a rental car or rideshare fees if your vehicle is in the shop.

Time tracking

Toggle is the go-to tool for time-tracking apps, and it’s easy to use on any device. It’s ideal for freelancers and students who need to keep track of their time while in class or on projects.

Toggle’s toggle switch includes literal On and Off labels that are localized automatically, but you can replace them with state descriptors. Make sure the label doesn’t imply neutrality or ambiguity and uses a high-contrast color that matches the state of the control to avoid confusion.