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What Is a Togle? What is a Slot?


Togle is an intuitive time tracking solution that enables you to track your team’s hours accurately and easily, even when they’re offline. This makes it easy for you to avoid guesstimates and lost billable minutes, while also boosting productivity and improving operational efficiency.

Toggle Definition

In general computing, toggle means a switch that has two possible outcomes: on and off. This type of switch is found in almost every option item on any computer, including the options and preferences lists that are part of most applications.

Visual Toggle Guidelines

Whenever designing a toggle, consider color and movement to provide clarity for users. The color of the switch should be high contrast (like red for on) to make it obvious that the switch is changing state, and be sure to use a color that matches a specific culture’s preference.


When creating a toggle, use a label that describes what the control will do when the switch is on. A label that’s neutral or ambiguous will be confusing and cause problems in user interface design.

Toggle labels should be clearly visible on screens and be readable when reading by people who aren’t familiar with screen reader software. They should also be consistent with a design’s overall color palette and style.

Custom Toggle Properties

The Toggle configuration property allows you to set the default state of a toggle and define which triggers should update the toggle’s state. For example, you might want to add a toggle that changes the appearance of an object on a slide when a button is clicked.