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Togle is a time tracking app that makes it easy to track the hours your team spends on different projects. It’s a great tool for improving productivity and getting paid for every billable minute.

Toggle – definition and usage

The word toggle is derived from the 18th century meaning “pin passed through the eye of a rope to hold it in place” or an up-and-down switch like the Caps Lock key on your keyboard. In software this is often referred to as feature toggling, and is also commonly used in option menus.

Feature Toggles for testing and optimization

Feature Toggles are useful in many applications, especially when we want to test the impact of a change on a particular set of users. This can be done by sending a user down one codepath or the other, based upon which cohort they are in, allowing us to analyze their aggregate behavior over time and make data-driven optimizations to our application.

Experiment Toggles for multivariate testing

Performing multivariate or A/B testing on a system is difficult without something to do that doesn’t require an individual user to be placed in a single cohort, and Experiment Toggles are perfect for this task. The Toggle Router is able to place an individual into one of two separate cohorts and at runtime send them down the two different codepaths.

Release Toggles for transitions

Release Toggles should usually be short lived, although Product-centric toggles may need to stick around longer. Since the toggling decision for a Release Toggle is static we can usually simply re-deploy a new release with a toggle configuration change and get the same results.