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In computer technology, a toggle is an on-off command. It may refer to a software switch, like the Caps Lock key on your keyboard, or to a hardware device, such as a cordlock toggle.

The word toggle comes from the verb to toggle, which means “to switch” or “switch over”. It is also a term for “a pin passed through the eye of a fastener to hold it in place”. Toggle has been around since the 18th century and has become a standard term used by computer users for switches.

A Toggle Group can be a great way to organize a set of related toggles that are mutually exclusive. This type of toggle is similar to HTML radio buttons, where only one button can be checked at a time.

When you create a Toggle Group, you can add toggles to it and change their states in Storyline by using the toggle-group property. You can also use the toggle-group event to get the state of a group when it changes.

Feature Toggles are a great way to control how users can access your content and features. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the toggles your team has added.

For this reason, a smart team takes care to remove Feature Toggles that no longer need to be in their codebase. Some teams put “expiration dates” on their toggles to ensure they’re removed in a timely fashion.

In addition, a smart team will use a Toggle Configuration system that lives in source control. This helps to ensure that toggle configuration is consistent across all servers. It can also make it easier to verify that toggles behave the way they should in each release.