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Founded in 2020, Togle is a Korean startup that offers an e-commerce management tool. The company’s platform allows e-commerce sellers to handle orders, print invoices, and manage inventory. Currently, Togle serves e-commerce vendors in South Korea, but is planning on expanding its footprint to other markets.

Togle is a multi-purpose app that can be downloaded on various platforms. Its main claim to fame is the fact that it can track time. The company also offers a suite of other tools, such as tasks, projects, tags, and clients. These features enable users to apply filters to customize reports and export data in different formats.

Togle is also known for promoting products to tech buyers. One example of this is the company’s Fyre on-demand service, which makes booking influential celebrities seamless. Another is its CB Insights, a feature that helps buyers find companies and make purchasing decisions.

It’s not surprising that Togle has made it into the E-Commerce Expert Collection. It’s one of the few software companies to get such a designation. The company has a website, a mobile app, and a desktop app. The aforementioned is an easy-to-use app that tracks time, which is an ideal feature for freelancers or anyone who works on the go.

The company also boasts of being able to analyze billions of data points quickly. This feat is made possible by TOGGLE’s AI. The name is a play on Google Maps for Investing, but the app does much more than that.