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If you’re a foreign language learner, you’re probably familiar with the technology word, togle. Toggling means “to switch” between two states with a single click. This technology term is used in a variety of contexts, from the desktop computer to the mobile phone. When using this terminology, it’s especially helpful for foreign language learners because they can quickly switch between two applications with a single click. To learn more about this useful word, read on.

Togle is a verb that describes the action of switching between two options. Toggling is also used to describe the actual controller. You can toggle between programs and settings by pressing the keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab. The term is often used in a figurative sense, too. In computers, a toggle turns an on/off state. Using a toggling command allows you to easily switch between different settings. It is not just an electronic switch, either.

Togle allows e-commerce sellers to easily manage inventory, manage orders, and print invoices. This tool is free, works offline, and is available in several languages, including English, French, and German. It’s also compatible with iOS and Android devices. A key feature of this technology is its ability to work offline. In addition to a browser-based interface, Togle also offers a native Android app for mobile users. Togle also supports offline usage, making it perfect for a business owner on the go.