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The Togle word has several meanings, but it generally means to switch between two states with a single click. This action can be performed in any application and can be performed between two different applications. In this article, we will learn how to perform this action in a few different ways. For example, let’s assume you’d like to toggle the sound on your computer. To make this possible, you can use the ToggleButton object in your layouts.


Toggle is a verb that means to switch. It can mean to fasten or furnish something with a toggle or to switch between two options. A toggle button is a type of button that has a dual function. It can be used to turn your computer’s sound off or on, or to switch between two different actions. To add a toggle button to your layout, you can use the ToggleButton object. The ToggleButton object is a compound button that can change its state based on the current state of the buttons on the page.

Toggle is a transitive verb that means to switch between two different things. In software development, a toggle means to switch between two options. Toggling a button allows you to perform different actions at once. For example, it can turn your computer’s volume on and off. ToggleButton objects can be added to a layout as a component. You can create compound buttons based on Toggle and change the state of one of the button’s components.